Concussions & Head Injuries


Concussions are one of the most well-known and traumatic injuries in contact sports. According to a five-year study of NCAA athletes in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, the sports with the highest risk of concussion, in order, are:

  1. Men's Wrestling
  2. Men's Ice Hockey
  3. Women's Ice Hockey
  4. Men's Football
  5. Women's Soccer
  6. Women's Basketball
  7. Women's Lacrosse
  8. Women's Field Hockey
  9. Men's Basketball
  10. Women's Volleyball

Due to the sheer number of players in each sport, the overall amount of concussions was highest in:

  1. Football
  2. Women's Soccer
  3. Women's Basketball
  4. Men's Basketball
  5. Men's Wrestling

An interesting finding was that rates of concussion were higher for women in sports where both genders play (basketball, lacrosse, etc) besides Ice Hockey. This may be due to several factors including structural differences in connective tissue, weaker neck and shoulder musculature in female athletes, and increased reporting in female sports.

Concussion Treatment in Lakeville

After experiencing a concussion or head injury, proper management of the condition is essential. Without immediate and proper treatment, your body can be vulnerable to Post Concussion Syndrome for weeks to months after your injury. This can have a huge impact on everyday life, sports activity, and your future health. Since any additional impact or head trauma can induce Post Concussion Syndrome, high velocity manual adjusting is not initially used for patients who have had a concussion. Instead, gentle techniques are used to restore joint function and repair damage to the soft tissues in the cervical spine. You will also be given state-of-the-art rehabilitative exercises targeting the visual, auditory and proprioceptive pathways in the brain to restore function and prevent future injury. Lakevile Chiropractor Dr. Jeremy Marty is certified in Concussion Management and has experience working with athletes of all ages and skill levels.

If you or your child experienced a head injury, prompt treatment is essential. Call (612) 440-5776 or schedule an appointment online!

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At Marty Chiropractic & Wellness, we believe athletes of all skill levels should be protected from injury. We would love to help the coaches on your team perform Concussion Baseline Testing to protect your athletes. Call us at (612) 440-5776 to setup an event for your team!

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