Repetitive & Overuse Injuries

Repetitive use injuries are very common and may occur with nearly any muscle or tendon. The basic concept of an overuse injury is that when a muscle is used to lift a large amount of weight, or a small amount of weight many times, the muscle will suffer micro-tears. The muscle will usually be able to heal itself quickly enough that there is minimal pain, damage or scar tissue build up. This is the process behind weight lifting; create small tears in the muscle that are repaired larger - and stronger- over time. However, when that muscle is repeatedly abused without proper nutrient support or time to heal, that muscle will build up more and more micro tears and inflammation, and the muscle healing cannot keep up with the damage in a timely manner. This is extremely common with people who have jobs that require the same repetitive motion throughout the day. Factory workers, mechanics, and people who use machinery or computers are just a few examples of those at risk for repetitive use injuries. Treatment for these types of conditions involves mobilizing any restricted joints, minimzing the amount of inflammation in the area, using a brace or support to decrease the amount of stress on that area, and releasing any myofascial adhesions in the tissues while they heal. We use chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapies and soft tissue mobilization techniques to treat these conditions during the acute phase of treatment. Once the inflammatory process is managed, we will utilize therapeutic exercises to both aid in the recovery process and decrease the risk of re-injury in the future.

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