Below is a list of videos that we may have prescribed you in the clinic. These exercises and stretches are great for relieving pain and stiffness while improving posture and range of motion. Watch the videos if you need a refresher on how to perform certain exercises. If we have not prescribed you any exercises, or you are not a current patient, feel free to explore the video section and begin your journey to living pain-free. Call us at (612) 440-5776 or Book an Appointment if you have any questions!

Chiropractic Neck Strengthening

Dr. Josh demonstrates a set of neck exercises to help strengthen the intrinsic muscles in your cervical spine. This will increase strength and stability while helping to prevent future pain and injury!

Neck Stretches

Dr. Josh demonstrates a set of general neck stretches to help combat neck pain and improve range of motion. Stretching, along with chiropractic treatment, can greatly alleviate stiffness and pain throughout the neck and upper back. This can help prevent future pain and reduce the frequency of headaches as well!

Levator Scapulae Stretch

Dr. Josh demonstrates a stretch for the Levator Scapulae muscle. This muscle runs from the top of your shoulder blade to the base of your skull and is a common culprit in neck pain, stiffness, and tension headaches.

Scalene Stretch

Dr. Josh demonstrates a stretch for the scalene muscle group. These muscles often play a role in upper-cross syndrome, neck pain, stiffness, forward head posture, and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

Wall Angel Exercise

Dr. Josh demonstrates the wall angel exercise. This exercise is great for stretching the chest, strengthening the mid-upper back muscles, and improving thoracic range of motion and posture.