Visited Jeremy Marty after experiencing shoulder pain while doing weightlifting. Helped me diagnose the source of the pain, develop a treatment plan, and exercises to strengthen it. Was back to full strength quickly thanks to Dr. Marty’s knowledgeable plan!

– Chad K.

Dr. Josh helped me identify the cause of sciatic pain that started after extended working hours. After a few treatments at the clinic and modifying my work habits I don’t come home from work in pain anymore!

– Samantha M.

Both Dr. Josh and Dr. Jeremy are fantastic! Dr. Josh was able to find a structural cause for my mid-back pain and help me on my road to recovery. Both Doctors come highly recommended from me!

– Steven R.

I would highly recommend this chiropractic clinic. During pregnancy if dealing with lower back and hip pain Dr Jeremy made me comfortable and decreased my pain. He was very accommodating and knowledgeable with chiropractic and wellness options for me during my pregnancy.

– Brenna

Awesome experience! I was having terrible back pain and booked an appointment. Service was quick and simple, though not rushed, and within a few days I was feeling better than when I went in! The doctor clearly knew his profession and made the whole experience totally enjoyable. If you’re looking for professionalism and hospitality, look no further.

– Daniel

Both Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Josh are knowledgeable and thorough in their dealings with patients. I felt like I was in good hands the moment I walked in the door.

– Tanner

Best Chiropractor in the twin cities! I’ll drive 45 minutes to see either Dr. Josh or Dr. Jeremy! They always leave me feeling tremendously better and both have the best bedside manner of any chiropractor I have ever seen!

– Tim