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At Marty Chiropractic & Wellness, we know that navigating the grocery store can be the hardest part of your week! What do I buy? What do I cook? What will my family eat? Why are organic foods so expensive? Do I even need to buy organic foods? These are just a few of the common questions we get from patients all the time! Learn more about the nutrition services we offer:

General Nutrition

What should the average person eat to maintain a healthy weight and blood markers such as blood sugar, LDLs, HDLs, and triglycerides?

A balanced diet is important for your health and nutrition

Nutrition For Chronic Disease

How does a chronic disease such as diabetes or autoimmune disease affect the ideal diet?

Change your diet to improve symptoms of diabetes or autoimmune disease

Nutrition For Weight Loss

Many patients come to us saying "I just can't lose weight no matter what I try." These patients have often tried every fad diet or exercises program under the sun and STILL cannot lose weight. Why isn't weight loss as simple as eat less and move more? Learn more about how your hormones affect weight loss just as much as calories in<calories out does!

Sports Nutrition

How do the physical stresses of athletes change what they need to eat? Should you eat more fats, proteins, or carbs? Is carb-loading really a beneficial tactic?

Sports nutrition for athletes and improved performance in Lakeville, MN 55044

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