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Winter Woes

Midwest Winter continues to pound us with snow, wind, ice, and cold!

We all have to remove snow, trek across icy paths, drive in less than ideal conditions, and brave the long and dark winter nights. Minor slips on the ice, strains from shoveling feet of snow, and few bumps from a stray snowball can bring the best of us down. Call or text us at 612-440-5776 and get back to feeling your best!

For those reading who have recently experienced an auto accident because of the slippery road conditions (or know someone who has), make sure you get your body feeling right as soon as possible! Did you know that it is incredibly common to experience widespread chronic pain after even a minor collision?

These initial complaints may become long term issues if not address quickly and properly! Our Doctors are experienced in identifying the root issue causing your pain and getting you the care you need. Whether that includes conservative care like chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue mobilization techniques, electric muscle stimulation, or ultrasound; or referred to where you will get the best care possible! The best time to address these complaints is the day of or day after your accident. The next best time is today!

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